MetroStar Systems Joins the Digital Services Coalition

In Sept. 2020, the Digital Services Coalition (DSC) announced five new companies' admission into its membership. MetroStar Systems Inc. (MetroStar) is ecstatic to be one of those five. Robert Rasmussen, the CEO of Agile Six, saw an opportunity "to improve how government contractors could deliver digital services by nurturing a sense of community, rather

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Making an Impact: How a UX Architect Brings Accessibility to Government Websites

MetroStar is exploring the positive impact our people are having on the world around them. In this series, you will learn about the different roles, projects, and positive changes MetroStar’s team is helping to create. You may see mathematics and design often pitted against each other; however, a lot can be learned from math

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ICYMI: Drupal GovCon 2020

Drupal GovCon is an annual event that "brings together people from all over the country who use, develop, design, and support the Drupal platform with a focus in government." This year the event (Sept. 23-25) was held virtually through Zoom presentations and YouTube Live. Despite the virtual setting, MetroStar had three employees present their

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Making an Impact: How A Drupal Developer Helps American’s Access Information

MetroStar is exploring the positive impact our people are having on the world around them. In this series, you will learn about the different roles, projects, and positive changes MetroStar’s team is helping to create. Mayan hieroglyphs, ancient burial sites, and Drupal software all have one thing in common—MetroStar's Senior Software Engineer and Drupal

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3 Key Takeaways: World IA Day 2020

Information Architecture World IA Day is a global event celebrating Information Architecture—the art and science of organizing software, websites and beyond. Here in DC, local UX designers gathered and held their own little shindig in observance of the worldwide event. Designing in a data-driven world can be stressful, and often, instructions don’t come

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What is the Google Speed Update?

What is the Google Speed Update? Google recently announced a new ranking algorithm designed for mobile search called “Speed Update”. In July 2018, Google will officially include page loading times in how it ranks sites for mobile searches. This update shouldn’t be surprising news from the search engine giant who changes its algorithms over

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Strong Information Architecture Makes Your Digital Strategy

Strong Information Architecture Makes Your Digital Strategy Digital Strategy. Data Accessibility. Community … It’s no wonder why we’re excited to be a sponsor for World IA Day DC 2018. This annual gathering, hosted by the Information Architecture Institute, connects people that are passionate about Information Architecture (IA) with other like-minded professionals to share their thoughts, ideas, and work. As technologies evolve considerably from year to year, a recurring topic

The Breakdown: How the Internet of Things Impacts Your Mobile Strategy

Today's mobile technology is no longer just about portability. It's about integration. The Internet of Things (IoT) has resulted in users' expectations of interconnectivity among all their devices–their mobile phone must communicate with their home devices, their vehicles, and even the things they wear. Everything is mobile; everything is

Data-Driven Design: Approaching UX with Musical Intuition

When it comes to User Experience (UX), a data-driven design approach is a smart and savvy way to evolve a website, app, or any other digital product. It not only sets the rhythm of the experience; it follows the beat of the users—what they feel, think, and do. In the same way that DJs

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AWS Launches Amazon Lex: Alexa’s Voice Tech Opens to Developers

One of the major announcements in the midst of the AWS Summit in San Francisco is that the voice-control technology powering Alexa is now available to all software developers. AWS unveiled "Amazon Lex," a platform that enables developers to build conversational applications. With Lex, Amazon provides developers with tools to create voice and text

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