What is the Google Speed Update?

What is the Google Speed Update? Google recently announced a new ranking algorithm designed for mobile search called “Speed Update”. In July 2018, Google will officially include page loading times in how it ranks sites for mobile searches. This update shouldn’t be surprising news from the search engine giant who changes its algorithms over

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GSA Achieves 2.4B Monthly Viewers Across 4K+ Sites

Supporting Government with a Powerful Digital Analytics Program The GSA Digital Analytics Program (DAP) delivers Google Analytics 360 across multiple federal agencies, to provide an unprecedented, government-wide view of how well agencies serve their customers through the web. DAP is one of the largest federal programs, managing web analytics data for billions of

Agency Sees 225% Increase in Subscribers

Website Redesign Solutions that Increase User Adoption The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s (CFTC) Whistleblower Program provides monetary incentives to individuals who report possible violations to the Commodity Exchange Act. CFTC was looking to update their Whistleblower website to make it more user-friendly, consistent with their overarching branding, and integrate Google Analytics. A

5 Valuable Google Analytics Custom Reports

Google Analytics provide a wealth of data and invaluable insight for your website. Users can gain insights from standard reports, however, navigating through all of the data can be a challenge that may take more than a few clicks. Fortunately, custom reports allow you to obtain the specific insights you’re looking for. No matter

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