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AWS Launches Amazon Lex: Alexa’s Voice Tech Opens to Developers

One of the major announcements in the midst of the AWS Summit in San Francisco is that the voice-control technology powering Alexa is now available to all software developers. AWS unveiled "Amazon Lex," a platform that enables developers to build conversational applications. With Lex, Amazon provides developers with tools to create voice and text AI

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Public Cloud Migration: Six Ways to Tell if You’re Ready

Remember that scene in The Truman Show where Jim Carrey slowly made his way up the stairs along the clouds before stepping out into the real world? He was wary—unsure of what lay beyond those clouds, feeling tentative about leaving the world he had known for so long. Now imagine that key cinematic moment in

MetroStar Systems supports America’s Promise and #Recommit2Kids

As part of a commitment to creating a better future through passion and innovation, MetroStar Systems shows its support for the America's Promise Alliance and its #Recommit2Kids campaign on its 20th anniversary celebration. For over two decades, America's Promise has been on a mission to ensure the success of the children in our country. #Recommit2Kids

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CyberSquad, Assemble! 5 Key Roles In Your Cybersecurity Team 

Cue the CyberSquad signal! Cyber threats are the super villains with a mission to destroy your organization, and it takes special abilities to bring them down. When it comes to cybersecurity, you not only need a robust infrastructure, but also a competent talent force behind it—a superhero squad dedicated to defending your organization from the

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MetroStar Systems’ innovative ‘Snapplications’ featured on Snapchat Daily

  MetroStar's Snapplications campaign was recently featured on Snapchat Daily, an online portal that shares news and updates about the platform and creative campaigns by brands who use it. The Snapplication campaign encourages students to apply for an internship at MetroStar by sending in a series of Snaps that answer five questions. Snapplications was mentioned

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Five Healthy Habits for a Strong IT System

As we celebrate World Health Day, the conversation about healthy habits takes centerstage. But did you know that advice for personal health habits also apply to maintaining a strong IT system? Here are five things to ensure your IT system stays healthy: #1 Perform regular check-ups. Maintaining an IT system is a lot like physical health

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Mac OS X Turns 16: How Apple Simplified Its UI Design

With Steve Jobs back at the helm in 2001, Apple forever changed the game in computer user interface (UI) design when it unveiled Mac OS X. As narrated in Inside Steve’s Brain, it was clear that in the process of developing OS X, Jobs put a heavy focus on fully revamping the Mac OS 9

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5 Reasons Why You Should Go To Our Creative*Social Meetup

We love Saturdays at the office. No, of course we're not workaholics. We actually spend our time hanging out at Creative*Social—MetroStar's weekend meetup for coders, creative minds, and lovers of innovation in the DC Metropolitan area. Held at our Reston HQ every other Saturday, Creative*Social gives techies and creatives the chance to come together to

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Google Hangouts overhaul shifts focus to enterprise

Google hopes to solidify Hangouts' positioning as an enterprise product by announcing that the platform will now be split into two components: Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. Divide and Conquer Each of the two new services takes charge of one of Hangouts’ key functionalities and dials it up with more features. Image from Google Chat,

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Choosing a ‘Just Right’ Cloud Solution For Your Enterprise

As a Chief Technology Officer, Goldilocks had long wanted to upgrade the nationwide operations of her bolstering business. Armed with thoroughly Googled knowledge of cloud migration, she attempted to pick out a cloud solution that’s just right for her enterprise. Some were secure, but too costly. Some allowed full virtualization, but were time-consuming. Some featured enhanced capabilities,

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