About Trevor Igoe

Trevor is the Digital Marketing Specialist at MetroStar Systems, where he works with big numbers to crunch big data.

Translating Data Analytics for Better Business Intelligence

Buzzwords like “smart data,” “big data” or taking a “data-driven” approach are likely dominating conversations around the evolution of businesses. Although data-driven decision-making is becoming integral to success for organizations, the concepts behind it have been evolving for decades. In the 1960s, researchers at institutes like Harvard University develop the concept of a decision support

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GMU Usabilathon Recap

Last Saturday, MetroStar Systems opened its doors to George Mason University’s Human Factors and Applied Cognition students for a 9-hour Usabilathon, which challenged them to build visualization projects from social media data. We were honored to have the opportunity to host GMU’s incredibly talented students during #UsabilathonDC and observed great examples of how to make

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