Rebranded NIH Website Sees 33.4% Engagement Increase

Using Human Centered Design & DevOps Support to Rebrand Federal Websites We provide the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center (NITAAC) with a full brand and digital refresh and website redesign using our Human Centered Design (HCD) process and DevOps support. To meet this project’s aggressive launch

Transformative Digital Solutions for the USMC

Modern Mobile Solutions for Rapid Decision Making We are responsible for transforming the annual Marine Corps Concepts and Programs publication into an interactive, multi-platform, digital solution. Our mobile solution supports users in over 10 countries. By developing, deploying, and supporting the responsive mobile solutions and web-based applications, we help the USMC provide interactive

Modernizing The Enterprise With Human Centered Design

User Experience Improvement & Human Centered Design to Further Global Diplomacy The U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Administration, Office of Logistics Management (A/LM) supports U.S. diplomacy by providing efficient logistics and services. A/LM required a full modernization of its applications utilizing human centered design to promote user experience improvement. We designed

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Agile Melodies Part IV: Follow the Rhythm of Your Teammates

A Little Impromptu Music Jazz musicians who have never played together before are able to seamlessly create because of the genre’s universal set of rules and norms. Take a saxophonist from New York, a pianist from Tokyo, a bassist from Paris, and a drummer from Rio. If you call jazz standard (“Round Midnight, E-flat”),

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Zero to Hero: How to Build an App in 2 Weeks

Building an app in a short time-frame can feel like scraping ice off your car with a toothbrush before work. You know that you can get the task done, but you don’t know if you’ll have enough time. At MetroStar Systems, we’ve seen dedicated and experienced teams make the seemingly impossible possible. In fact,

Agile Melodies — Part III: Knowing Your Genre

Have you ever been on a project where no one seems to know what’s going on? Your team followed the Scrum process by the book and delegated tasks—and still, no one seems to know what to do next. In the previous installment of this

Agile Melodies – Part II: No, You Can’t Do Whatever You Want

In the first post of this series, we discussed how a “traditional” symphony orchestra fell apart when asked to deviate from the original score, while an “agile” jazz combo followed right along as a saxophonist continued on his improvised solo for extra bars. I gravitated away from grade school band class and towards jazz

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Agile Melodies – Part I: Setting the Stage

Let’s start with a couple of scenarios. Imagine that you’re sitting in the front row at the National Symphony. The lead violinist is in the final part of her solo piece of an exquisite concerto. The orchestra moves seamlessly with her every note, and the captivated

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