Transformative Digital Solutions for the USMC

Modern Mobile Solutions for Rapid Decision Making We are responsible for transforming the annual Marine Corps Concepts and Programs publication into an interactive, multi-platform, digital solution. Our mobile solution supports users in over 10 countries. By developing, deploying, and supporting the responsive mobile solutions and web-based applications, we help the USMC provide interactive

10K+ Warriors Worldwide Achieve 24/7 Support & Access

Driving Logistics Across the Marine Corps Enterprise Network The USMC uses an all-encompassing Enterprise Logistics Support System (ELS2) to enhance its logistical operations. MetroStar provides 24-hour application sustainment and enterprise support of these tools for Marine Corps logistics and maintenance personnel. We also develop new capabilities that enhance the use of our applications

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Enterprise Logistics Transform USMC Operations

Enhancing Operational Support with Enterprise Solutions The Marine Corps' Logistics Command provides operational logistics for weapons systems and support services. It offers responsive inventory control, operational support, and USMC logistics capabilities for maximum readiness and sustainment. LOGCOM provides comprehensive, agile, and integrated enterprise solutions that reduce lifecycle costs for existing technologies. MetroStar

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USMC Sees 12K User Boost With New Infrastructure

Enhancing Operational Effectiveness with Infrastructure Modernization Services Marine Corps Enterprise Information Technology Services (MCEITS) delivers a flexible infrastructure that provides Marines with network interoperability, access to logistical data, domain security, collaborative applications, and IT service management. MetroStar Systems provides application and engineering support services for MCEITS Enterprise Information Services (EIS), a SharePoint-based

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