Solution Assists 10K+ Law Enforcement Members

Connecting Multiple Platforms for Enhanced Intelligence The National Domestic Communication Assistance Center’s (NDCAC) mission is to provide assistance and information to state, local, tribal, and federal law enforcement for lawful electronic intercept and forensics. MetroStar Systems was tasked with creating a unified environment for NDCAC consisting of a Public Website, Secure External

DOS App Manages Emergency Relief Funds

Crisis Support Through Agile Application Development The Management Bureau’s Office of Emergencies in the Diplomatic and Consular Service (M/EDCS) at the U.S. State Department addresses unforeseen emergencies related to terrorism, narcotics activities, and wars, by providing personnel evacuations and medical provisions. M/EDCS needed custom application that could support a variety of funding

10K+ Warriors Worldwide Achieve 24/7 Support & Access

Driving Logistics Across the Marine Corps Enterprise Network The USMC uses an all-encompassing Enterprise Logistics Support System (ELS2) to enhance its logistical operations. MetroStar provides 24-hour application sustainment and enterprise support of these tools for Marine Corps logistics and maintenance personnel. We also develop new capabilities that enhance the use of our applications

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Deployment & Support of 70+ Integrated Apps For DOS

Managed Services for Quick Collaboration The State Department’s Human Resource/Executive Office (HR/EX) needed a consistent managed services approach to identify, prioritize, and successfully execute a portfolio of IT initiatives and projects to support its worldwide diplomatic readiness mission. MetroStar Systems designed and manages a world-class Project Management Office (PMO) for the Department,

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Enterprise Logistics Transform USMC Operations

Enhancing Operational Support with Enterprise Solutions The Marine Corps' Logistics Command provides operational logistics for weapons systems and support services. It offers responsive inventory control, operational support, and USMC logistics capabilities for maximum readiness and sustainment. LOGCOM provides comprehensive, agile, and integrated enterprise solutions that reduce lifecycle costs for existing technologies. MetroStar

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Help Desk Requests Cut By 50% For DOS

Custom Applications to Promote Peace and Diplomacy The State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) promotes understanding between the U.S. and foreign countries through educational and cultural exchanges. Undertaking a global mission of peace requires large-scale custom application development, analysis and support; ECA needed to develop custom applications that would reach

USMC Sees 12K User Boost With New Infrastructure

Enhancing Operational Effectiveness with Infrastructure Modernization Services Marine Corps Enterprise Information Technology Services (MCEITS) delivers a flexible infrastructure that provides Marines with network interoperability, access to logistical data, domain security, collaborative applications, and IT service management. MetroStar Systems provides application and engineering support services for MCEITS Enterprise Information Services (EIS), a SharePoint-based

Collaborative Tools Supporting 500+ Users

Increase Efficiency with Customized SharePoint BPM Solutions The business units that make up Health and Human Services’ Assistant Secretary for Financial Resources (ASFR) had complex paper trails that required inter-agency transfer among numerous individuals, leaving opportunities for important information to get lost or buried in piles of paperwork. To address the need for

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