From Morse Systems to Technical Writer: Donna’s Military Transition Story

MetroStar Systems is featuring three veterans who have transitioned from the military to the civilian workforce. This mini-series will reflect their personal journey and their role with MetroStar. Our Technical Writer, Donna, is our second feature. -- -.-- / -. .- -- . / .. ... / -.. --- -. -. .- .-.-.-  That’s

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Powering Collaboration & Crossing the Divide

I Have an Identity Crisis Really, I do. I’ve struggled with my job title since my love of design has merged into my exploration of markup and coding languages. Most days I split my time between sitting with the designers and sitting with the developers. And I could not be happier.

How to Score Your Dream Internship

As job opportunities become more and more competitive for recent graduates, companies are more interested in candidates who already have some professional experience. Instead of spending the summer on the couch stuffing your face with junk food, getting fried outside by the pool every day, or listening to your parents bug you about your laziness

5 Tips for Standing out in the Job Search Process

It’s a tough job market out there, and with some companies receiving hundreds of applications (sometimes per day!), it can also be where your resume gets lost in the shuffle. As the landscape becomes more competitive, it’s increasingly important to work hard to set yourself apart from other applicants in your industry. Here are

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Time Management Hacks for Project Managers

For project managers, juggling your time between multiple clients and coworkers isn’t easy. But here are a few tips that have helped me be more successful with my time management: 1. Schedule your day. Take 10 – 15 minutes at the beginning of each day to map out a game plan for projects and

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11 Tips for Succeeding in a Phone Interview

1. Be awake. If your phone interview is scheduled for the morning, don’t treat your interviewer’s call as a wake-up call. Get out of bed at least an hour before your interview and take some time to freshen up, eat breakfast, review your notes, and drink water to fight that crackly morning voice.

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18 Tips for Succeeding in an Interview

How to Succeed in an Interview 1. Dress well. When in doubt, always lean towards dressing formally. Not only will this give off a good first impression, but you’ll feel more confident when you come in wearing your best set of clothes. 2. Arrive on time. There’s nothing worse than keeping your interviewer waiting

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Through the Eyes of the Intern

Finding the Right Fit As a marketing management student about to enter my senior year at Virginia Tech, getting real-world experience as a marketing intern was a top priority for me this summer. I spent several weeks applying to numerous marketing internship programs until I found my perfect match, MetroStar Systems. What drew me

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