How to Land and Ace a Virtual Interview

You have found yourself looking for a job during a global pandemic and, subsequently, a job recession. That feeling can be overwhelming even without the added anxiety of COVID-19 looming over your head. Thankfully, some organizations are starting to see the positive sides of remote-work and conducting fully virtual interviews. Before this year, you

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11 Tips for Succeeding in a Phone Interview

1. Be awake. If your phone interview is scheduled for the morning, don’t treat your interviewer’s call as a wake-up call. Get out of bed at least an hour before your interview and take some time to freshen up, eat breakfast, review your notes, and drink water to fight that crackly morning voice.

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18 Tips for Succeeding in an Interview

How to Succeed in an Interview 1. Dress well. When in doubt, always lean towards dressing formally. Not only will this give off a good first impression, but you’ll feel more confident when you come in wearing your best set of clothes. 2. Arrive on time. There’s nothing worse than keeping your interviewer waiting

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