Top 6 Cyber Security Best Practices in 2018

Early Autumn is a good time to think about scary things, not just Halloween or even Election Day; October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Not just for this month, but throughout the year, we need to have a focus on protecting our data and systems. Hackers are now more than just hobbyists and they

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NIST Updates Password Security Guidelines: $t0P d0!Ng Th!$

To those who think Th!$ i$ Th3 b3$t w4y t0 wr!t3 a P@$$w0rd, think again. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has recently published new guidelines on password security, revising the old rules and deeming them counterproductive to personal security purposes. Paul Grassi, NIST Senior Standards and Technology Adviser, said in an

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Are You Password Protected? [Video]

Passwords: A Cheap Way to Improve Your Security Posture As a recently retired Naval Cyber Warrior, I come from a long line of salty and forward leaning communications and network security sea dog. My favorite sea dog was a Submarine Skipper who took over as the Battle Group N6 (meaning he owned all long

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