Top 6 Cyber Security Best Practices in 2018

Early Autumn is a good time to think about scary things, not just Halloween or even Election Day; October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Not just for this month, but throughout the year, we need to have a focus on protecting our data and systems. Hackers are now more than just hobbyists and they

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NIST Updates Password Security Guidelines: $t0P d0!Ng Th!$

To those who think Th!$ i$ Th3 b3$t w4y t0 wr!t3 a P@$$w0rd, think again. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has recently published new guidelines on password security, revising the old rules and deeming them counterproductive to personal security purposes. Paul Grassi, NIST Senior Standards and Technology Adviser, said in an

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Report on Department of Defense IoT Devices Reveals Security Gaps

A report published by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) reveals that much improvement is required to strengthen security measures for IoT (Internet of Things) devices within the Department of Defense (DoD). The report, titled Internet of Things: Enhanced Assessments and Guidance Are Needed to Address Security Risks in DOD, outlines the existence of DoD

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Why U.S. Cyber Command is Reportedly Splitting From NSA

News that the United States Cyber Command is breaking off from the National Security Agency recently surfaced, with U.S. officials claiming the move as an effort to strengthen the country’s ability to conduct defensive and offensive cyber operations. According to various news sources, the goal of the reported separation is to make Cyber Command

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The Breakdown: Protecting Yourself from Ransomware

Imagine this: you come home from work, turn the key and slowly walk into your house. As you step in, your jaw drops as you see the horrifying emptiness of your home. No furniture, no things, no trace of anything you once had. Your chest tightens. Your heart races. Your

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Ransomware: The Culprit of the WannaCry Global Cybersecurity Storm

In an era where technology is integral to the way we interact with the world, to be locked out of one's data and digital devices has become one of mankind's greatest fears. Last Friday, May 12, we witnessed an immense wave of panic spread across the USA, Asia, and Europe, brought about by a

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Air Force ‘Bug Bounty’ Calls For Hackers to Expose Cybersecurity Holes

The U.S. Air Force has announced that it is launching a "bug bounty" challenge from May 30 to June 23, allowing hackers to scan for cybersecurity vulnerabilities on its public-facing websites in exchange for cash rewards. The challenge, billed as "Hack the Air Force," is open to cybersecurity specialists and "white hat" hackers from

CyberSquad, Assemble! 5 Key Roles In Your Cybersecurity Team 

Cue the CyberSquad signal! Cyber threats are the super villains with a mission to destroy your organization, and it takes special abilities to bring them down. When it comes to cybersecurity, you not only need a robust infrastructure, but also a competent talent force behind it—a superhero squad dedicated to defending your organization from the

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Insider Threat Common Behaviors: Spotting the Wolf

Let us examine some of the most commonly identified patterns of Insider Threat traits and behaviors. These may seem like unsavory characteristics, but then Insider Threats are unsavory characters. Before we begin – a word of caution: Just because an individual displays one or more of these behaviors or traits does not necessarily mean

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