Choosing a ‘Just Right’ Cloud Solution For Your Enterprise

As a Chief Technology Officer, Goldilocks had long wanted to upgrade the nationwide operations of her bolstering business. Armed with thoroughly Googled knowledge of cloud migration, she attempted to pick out a cloud solution that’s just right for her enterprise. Some were secure, but too costly. Some allowed full virtualization, but were time-consuming. Some featured enhanced

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InfoPath is Dead (Deprecated): What is InfoPath’s Replacement? FoSl?

UPDATED March 2015 Apparently, FoSl has been canceled according to (Expand the Cancelled Section). InfoPath 2013 will remain the forms solution for SharePoint 2016 until a new replacement is announced. InfoPath Deprecated Microsoft Announced on Jan 31st via the InfoPath blog officially that InfoPath is deprecated. FoSl Forms on SharePoint Lists List Forms

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