MetroStar Names Rob Allegar as Chief Strategy Officer

Rob Allegar is Appointed Chief Strategy Officer at MetroStar Systems, Inc. Rob Allegar joins MetroStar Systems, Inc. (MetroStar) as the Chief Strategy Officer, leading strategic growth initiatives and reporting directly to MetroStar's CEO, Ali Reza Manouchehri. The Chief Strategy Officer is a new position for MetroStar and will accelerate MetroStar’s

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#ICYMI: Fully Virtual Innovation Week with The Mill

Dimension Mill (The Mill) is Bloomington, Indiana's largest coworking space and an entrepreneurial ecosystem. On Oct. 5-6, The Mill hosted webinars for their Innovation Week. These sessions explored opportunities for collaboration, careers, and connections through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cybersecurity. During the first day of the event (Oct.5), MetorStar had four speakers featured. Session

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#ICYMI: Raymond James C-Suite Perspectives Webinar With MetroStar’s CEO

On Sept. 30, 2020, MetroStar Systems Inc. (MetroStar) CEO and Co-Founder, Ali Reza Manouchehri, spoke at the Raymond James C-Suite Perspectives webinar. This online discussion focused on the current state of the Defense and Government markets. Ali Reza Manouchehri spoke on MetroStar's latest full and open contract wins, our growth plans, and our unwavering

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How Moments of Crisis Bring Teams Together

On Thursday, March 12, 2020, we executed our Continuity of Operations (COOP) for the first time. Fast forward eight weeks, 90% of our people are working virtually and 10% of our people continue supporting our clients and their missions on the frontlines. Like many leaders trying to determine how to navigate COVID-19, I was

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18 Lessons Learned from 18 Years of MetroStar Systems

What began in 1999 as a couple of young, innovative minds developing simple web solutions has evolved into a relentless force of passion, creativity, and technology. Our team is all grown up now, but the learning never stops. Here are the biggest lessons that our co-founders Ali Reza Manouchehri and Robert J. Santos have

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Pick ‘N Rolls, Play Action, and Data: Building Your Company’s Scoreboard

The next time you’re tuning into sports, pay close attention to the circumstances surrounding the data points on the scoreboard. Watch for John Wall’s pick ‘n rolls with Gortat for two points, or Tom Brady’s play action to Gronk for six points in the red zone.

3 Real-Life Lessons from HBO’s Silicon Valley

If you’re an IT entrepreneur and haven’t seen HBO’s Silicon Valley, I’d definitely add it to your “binge watch over a rainy weekend” list. Not only is it pretty darn funny, but you can learn real-life business lessons from watching the Pied Piper startup navigate Silicon Valley. As real-life entrepreneurs, we’ve faced many similar challenges

6 Elements of a Great Company Culture [Video]

Although innovation and hard work are integral to a company’s success, culture is the glue that holds its people together. For 17 years, we’ve maintained this belief, and have groomed a resilient culture that reflects the interests, passions, and collective mission of our employees. By doing so, our company has grown from a two-man team

How to Build a Culture of Change Leaders

Embracing Change for Success The ability to embrace change differentiates the unsuccessful person from the successful person—and it does the same for companies. While we have all heard (and experienced) that change on individuals is stressful and hardly welcomed, today’s successful businesses are moving faster than ever. If a company can’t jive with the

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