Knowledge Base SharePoint Dashboard with Content Query and Search

Initial Setup for a Knowledge Base 1. We start with a set of documents for our Knowledge Base. They are in a new Content Type and we have added in some fields to make it easier to organize and search.

SharePoint 2013 Search Results Webpart Timeout

Initial SharePoint Search Results Timeout Problem When working with several million results and extremely complex queries even with a relatively robust farm you may get a "Something Went Wrong" error in search. Delving deeper you can see that there is a timeout set for queries longer than 15 seconds. So what we want to

Part 3: Select SharePoint 2013 Business Connectivity Services, Search and Profile Page Demo

Back to Part 2 Configure Search Crawl This section is relatively quick. The only caveat is that by default BDC only returns 2000 results. For our example this is fine. But often times you will need to increase this limit significantly. Once you have the limit set to what you want you can create

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