The Markup: Nov. 9, 2017 | Federal Technology News & Government Analysis

November is a month for giving thanks. So, thanks to the government, we’re able to mark up top trending stories that impact the federal community and take a deeper look at the latest IT management issues for the public sector.

In this issue, explore how technology is transforming the way our government – particularly, departments within the executive branch – works. We’ll look at the Defense Department’s budget, Army and Navy cyber capabilities, CDM government-wide cyber dashboard, and State Department’s IRM request. Join us as we explore the latest news federal technology has to offer.

Do you have a story worthy of being marked up? Send it to press@metrostarsystems.com.

As with every other month, the MetroStar Team will be participating in quite a few events throughout November. Swing by and say hello – we’d love to learn more about you and your organization!

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