The Markup Special Report: President Signs MGT Act into Law

President Signs Modernizing Government Technology Act into Law

Earlier this week, the highly-anticipated and long overdue piece of legislation to modernize the federal government’s obsolete information technology systems has been authorized by President Trump.

What originated as a means of saving taxpayer dollars that went towards maintaining the government’s aging IT infrastructure, has become a game-changer for federal and civilian stakeholders.

“The MGT Act is a significant move towards bringing the government into the modern era of technology,” said Ali Reza Manouchehri, Executive Chair, MetroStar Systems. “With a goal of empowering agencies to modernize their legacy IT systems, it aligns beautifully with our commitment to providing secure, reliable, and efficient IT capabilities to the federal government.”

Check out this week’s Markup to learn more about the history of the MGT Act, how its funding will work, and the impact it could have on the future of government IT.

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