Capital One Executive Joins MetroStar as First Director of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Hussain Sultan is appointed as the Director of Artificial Intelligence at MetroStar Systems. A thought leader in Data Analytics and Machine Learning, Sultan will use his rich experience and passion to drive MetroStar’s main pillars: Enterprise IT, Digital, and Cybersecurity. Previously, Sultan worked as a Senior Manager at both Capital One and Amazon, using his skills to leverage alternative data sources and experimentation. With these abilities, MetroStar Systems, an IT government contractor based in Reston VA, expects major growth.

Sultan plans to introduce and define what Actionable AI/ML is for MetroStar Systems and their customers. By further developing the Machine Learning Operations, R&D as well as a go-to Market Strategy for enabling new customer interactions. The Actionable AI/ML Initiative will be kickstarted by Sultan over the upcoming months. His work will enable customer-backed AI/ML solutions, taking into account the security, privacy, and explainability needs of our Federal clients.

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