5 Reasons Why You Should Go To Our Creative*Social Meetup

We love Saturdays at the office. No, of course we’re not workaholics. We actually spend our time hanging out at Creative*Social—MetroStar’s weekend meetup for coders, creative minds, and lovers of innovation in the DC Metropolitan area.

Held at our Reston HQ every other Saturday, Creative*Social gives techies and creatives the chance to come together to share ideas about technology, social media and innovation, usually over coffee.

Aside from free coffee and Wi-Fi, here are five reasons why you should be spending your Saturday at Creative*Social.

Creative*Social lets you meet people who can inspire you.

#1 You’re likely to meet someone just like you.

If our little poster caught your eye, you’re probably the type who geeks out over technology, coding, social media and other creative innovations. Chances are that everyone else at Creative*Social feels the same way.

Going to Creative*Social is like walking into something that’s a quarter-party, quarter-life philosophy sharing, and half-techie convention. This meetup is your chance to socialize and exchange ideas with like-minded people who share the same love for technology, writing, or art.

If that’s your jam, then you’ll feel right at home at Creative*Social.

#2 You don’t even have to know tech to have a great time.

Folks at MetroStar and Zoomph eat, sleep, and breathe so much tech that IT jargon has become our conversational language. At Creative*Social, we do overzealously discuss “high-level” tech topics, but we also talk about Snapchat, GoPro, cool apps, street art trends, and the future of the semi-colon (because it’s not ALL about us).

Creative*Social is not so much a tech meetup as it is a cozy house brunch that celebrates innovative ideas. All the “expertise” you need to bring is the mastery of keeping an open, curious mind.

Creative*Social is a place where you can share your passion and ideas.

#3 You get to inspire and be inspired.

The good thing about being in the same space with people who are just as passionate as you about innovation is that when you talk about your ideas, they will hear you out. More than that, they would be interested to help you make it happen. At Creative*Social, ideas—big or small—are shared and encouraged.

Whether you’ve got an idea for the next Alexa, a human-sized hamster desk (true story), or just a cool Snapchat video you want to do, your voice will be heard, and hopefully, you can trigger the next lightbulb moment in someone else’s head, too.

#4 It’s good for your career.

When you go to Creative*Social, you’ll most likely bump into someone who works or has worked for your dream company. This meetup is a great opportunity for you to network, network, network. It’s LinkedIn: Live Action, where you get the chance to talk to people about their job and the company that they work for.

Creative*Social sticker

#5 Creative Social fuels your passion.

Ultimately, Creative Social isn’t just a meetup; it’s an opportunity for you to work on a passion project. Not work, work. You can clickity-clack away on your laptop in a corner of the break room (we have cozy couches!) or you can share your project with the rest of the group—whichever makes you feel more inspired and productive.

Creative*Social meetup poster

Again, in case you hadn’t read it the first time: FREE COFFEE AND WI-FI.

Does the promise of sharing amazing ideas with great company get you excited? RSVP to Creative*Social. Pretty soon, you’ll love going to our office on a weekend, too.

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