Top 5 Capabilities of SharePoint [Video]

SharePoint has become an essential tool for organizations (like ours) looking to organize, store, and share information from anyplace, anytime. Already, 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint software for document management. With its easy-to-use and customizable interface, the software has helped teams boost their productivity. Among its many powerful capabilities, below are

How to Customize a SharePoint 2013 List View the Right Way

In this post, I’ll quickly go over how you can very easily customize SharePoint 2013 List View using a lesser-known feature called Client Side Rendering (CSR). CSR basically provides a way of customizing List Views, Forms, Fields, and Search Results using nothing but HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. For this example, though, I’ll only be

How to Fix a SharePoint 404 Error After Restoring a Content Database

SharePoint 404 Error (After restoring a previous copy of a content database to replace the current one) A 404 error in SharePoint can mean multiple things. In this case, it happens because we restored an older version of a content database to resolve an issue. Now when we go to the site we get

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How to Delete a SharePoint 404 Error When the Site Collection is Corrupt

SharePoint 404 Error Site Collection Corrupted (Error 0x80070003) How to Delete Previously we took a look at a possible cause of a 404 error in SharePoint after a content database restoration. This time we have determined that the site collection is corrupt, and we don’t have any backups (you should always have backups). Another

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InfoPath is Dead (Deprecated): What is InfoPath’s Replacement? FoSl?

UPDATED March 2015 Apparently, FoSl has been canceled according to (Expand the Cancelled Section). InfoPath 2013 will remain the forms solution for SharePoint 2016 until a new replacement is announced. InfoPath Deprecated Microsoft Announced on Jan 31st via the InfoPath blog officially that InfoPath is deprecated. FoSl Forms on SharePoint Lists List Forms

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SharePoint 2013 Search Results Webpart Timeout

Initial SharePoint Search Results Timeout Problem When working with several million results and extremely complex queries even with a relatively robust farm you may get a "Something Went Wrong" error in search. Delving deeper you can see that there is a timeout set for queries longer than 15 seconds. So what we want to

How to Install and Configure Workflow Manager SharePoint 2013

Workflow Manager SharePoint 2013 Installation Verification If you follow Microsoft's Install and configure workflow for SharePoint Server 2013, in the verification section it says “When you have completed the installation of SharePoint 2013 Workflow Manager you can check Central Administration”. And if everything looks good you will be able to create workflows in Central

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Installing Workflow Manager Offline for SharePoint 2013 Workflows New Command Line

How to Install Workflow Manager Offline Many times when working on a client's servers they are not allowed outbound access to the internet and the client may not have the latest versions of prerequisites available. There are several blogs that indicate how to install offline versions of these prerequisites, but I encountered an error

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Part 3: Select SharePoint 2013 Business Connectivity Services, Search and Profile Page Demo

Back to Part 2 Configure Search Crawl This section is relatively quick. The only caveat is that by default BDC only returns 2000 results. For our example this is fine. But often times you will need to increase this limit significantly. Once you have the limit set to what you want you can create

Part 2: SharePoint 2013 Business Connectivity Services, Search and Profile Page Demo

Back to Part 1 Create the External Content Type External Content Types are similar to regular content types in that they contain several fields that make up that particular content type. The main difference is that these fields are mapped to columns in the SQL database in this case. We are only going to

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