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The business units that make up Health and Human Services’ Assistant Secretary for Financial Resources (ASFR) had complex paper trails that required inter-agency transfer among numerous individuals, leaving opportunities for important information to get lost or buried in piles of paperwork. To address the need for a streamlined approach to their business requirements, ASFR required SharePoint solutions that suited their dynamic, document-heavy environment.

By developing customized SharePoint solutions, designed specifically for business process workflows, MetroStar converted paper to digital systems, augmenting workflows and removing the risk of lost data.

Keeping vital collateral stored in SharePoint allows for the most up-to-date versions of documents to be readily-available to all relevant parties. With the SharePoint solutions offered by MetroStar, stakeholders are also able to identify changes and missing information with ease. Our customized SharePoint solutions also allow HHS’s subsidiary agencies (e.g., CMS, CDC, NIH) to more easily collaborate with each other on processes and projects related to acquisition planning and contracting approvals.

With all processes, information, and documentation streamlined, our customized SharePoint BPM solutions have increased productivity and efficiency for HHS’s ASFR, supporting 500+ users at HHS and all agencies underneath it.

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SharePoint 2013 for Collaboration

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