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As the Director of Marketing, Debbie Peterson uses the power of brand-building to not only drive business for MetroStar Systems, but to tell great stories about a company that powers change.

4 Takeaways from World IA Day 2018

Thriving in the Experience Age If there's one thing we know as a company that was birthed out of the revolutions of the information age, rapid evolution is key to survival. As we transition from the information age to the experience age, our connectivity to our mobile devices and the 'internet of things' is

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Analytics on a Budget [Video]

The Power of Data We live in a data-driven world. Every decision we make, every report we write, everything we do is powered by data. Appropriately leveraging data can be a powerful tool for enabling you to get the most out of your budget. Smart data decisions also help small businesses, make big business

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GM of Cyber Operations & Tactics, J Kinder Discusses U.S. Cyber Command Milestone with Cyberscoop

U.S. Cyber Command’s announcement that all 133 of their Cyber Mission Force teams achieved initial operating capability (IOC) is an important milestone that reflects the “teams overall progress toward achieving full operational capability. Read News release from U.S. Cyber Command. GM of Cyber Operations and Tactics, J Kinder stated, “These milestones are important and

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Ingredients for Cyber Dog Food [Video]

What is Cyber Dog Food? Cybersecurity is a watchdog that’s always on duty. As you may have read in our piece on Homeland Security Today, "you must be willing to apply the same standards to your company’s network as you would when making a recommendation to a client.” What are the ingredients of Cyber

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How Executive Leaders can be #ChangeAgents

ACT-IAC Executive Leadership Conference Government and industry leaders have joined together in Williamsburg, VA to talk about “game-changing executive collaboration, focus, and training around transformational leadership, agile government, and disruptive technology.” Learn more about ACT-IAC and the Executive Leadership Conference. We’re tracking the trends on social media (in partnership with Zoomph), check out some

Design Thinking [Video]

What is Design Thinking A designer’s work is often perceived as the final object or deliverable of a project but the reality is that great, user-friendly design is a process. Understand the Why If you haven’t seen Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why” TedTalk, it’s a great look into the bigger picture surrounding the importance

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15 Essential Tools For Designers

15 Essential Tools for Designers As designers, we continually rely on tools and resources to help produce great work. There are hundreds of design tools out there and sometimes it is hard to find the right one. Whether you are a UX Designer, Visual Designer, or Front-end Developer, these tools may help make your

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Ken Foster, Director of Matrix Operations Talks Enterprise Modernization with Georgia County Government

“Rehosting and modernization done properly can not only extend the life of your investment for years, but it can also make possible the new functionality that the modern world demands.” Ken Foster, Director of Matrix Operations at MetroStar Systems was featured in the 2016 Member Services Guide for ACCG. Take a look at the

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3 Keys to User Onboarding [Video]

Properly onboarding users to your digital experience is essential to converting lifetime users. Every day, our User Experience (UX) experts on our Digital team work with clients to ensure that they are implementing the best practices and core features of onboarding. Proper onboarding will help ensure that the investment you have made to your website,

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Summer in Review – Intern Class of 2016

Summer Internships Each summer MetroStar hosts a class of interns, who are provided with the opportunity to gain real-life experience related to their field of study. Students come from around the country to join our internship program and become an integrated part of MetroStar’s teams, mission, and culture. This summer, our interns got to