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Top Benefits of Going Mobile: Government & Tech [Video]

Mobile technology isn’t just a vital part of our everyday entertainment — it’s becoming more and more a vital part of our everyday efficiency on the job, especially in the government sector. Our clients within the government have benefited from embracing mobile. They’ve increased connectivity between their teams, enjoyed greater fluidity between work tasks, and

Cross-Platform Mobile Development [Video]

When it comes to mobile apps, Apple, Android, and Windows all support varying standard design elements and software development kits. Mobile developers will ordinarily choose between three basic types of apps to build: native, web, and hybrid. Though each type has its own pros and cons, native apps tend to offer the tightest connection

The Internet of Things (IoT) and our Mobile World [Video]

Our world is becoming smarter every day with the help of mobile and wireless technology. Since the first utter of “IoT,” our teams have kept a close watch on the forecast of IoT, aiming to be the first to provide lean, integrated solutions to our clients. Already, we’ve laid the foundation for devices that traverse

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6 Elements of a Great Company Culture [Video]

Although innovation and hard work are integral to a company’s success, culture is the glue that holds its people together. For 17 years, we’ve maintained this belief, and have groomed a resilient culture that reflects the interests, passions, and collective mission of our employees. By doing so, our company has grown from a two-man team

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5 Essential Qualities of a Healthy Startup [Video]

In 1999, a few George Mason University students embarked on a mission to create a solution for Web form automation–kicking off the first of many innovations spearheaded by MetroStar Systems. Since then, MetroStar has bloomed into a full-fledged IT consulting company with expertise in eight practice areas, and awards for excellence in web design,

SharePoint Limitations & Solutions [Video]

Though you might be brimming with excitement from our last Metrostar Minute on Top 5 SharePoint Capabilities, we would be lying if we said that there weren’t some limitations to SharePoint. Prior to any large-scale implementation, for example, we advise that you have a well-planned governance and taxonomy of your digital properties to prevent

3 Key Traits of Usable Data Products

In case you missed it, earlier this month MetroStar Systems partnered with George Mason University and Zoomph for GMU’s annual Usabilathon. The Usabilathon, an initiative led by GMU’s Human Factors and Applied Cognition program, provides graduate students with an opportunity to hack client driven solutions. Usabilathon participants were challenged to build a product that

Top 5 Capabilities of SharePoint [Video]

SharePoint has become an essential tool for organizations (like ours) looking to organize, store, and share information from anyplace, anytime. Already, 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint software for document management. With its easy-to-use and customizable interface, the software has helped teams boost their productivity. Among its many powerful capabilities, below are

A Day in the Life of a Project Manager

If you’ve ever wondered what a project manager at MetroStar does every day, here’s a peek at life through the eyes of one of our PMs, Jorge Vazquez. In the first episode of our “Day in the Life” YouTube series, Jorge gives you an exclusive look into his everyday routine (which, yes, includes a

Learn to Scrum like an All-Star Football Team [Video]

What does a scrum team have in common with a football team? Many things. Among them: both require individuals working in increments to gain a touchdown by leveraging diverse skill sets and cross-functional roles. Learn more about how we create award-winning scrum teams in this week’s MetroStar Minute (episode #3), where we cover the

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