U.S. Department of Justice NDCAC

Connect Multiple Platforms for Enhanced Intelligence The National Domestic Communication Assistance Center's (NDCAC) mission is to provide assistance and information to state, local, tribal, and federal law enforcement for lawful electronic intercept and forensics. MetroStar Systems was tasked to create a public website, external secure website, and internal ticketing system. Using SharePoint

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Temporary Tables vs. Table Variables in SQL Server

An SQL Server Game Changer One day, I discovered the ease and utility of creating a temporary table in SQL Server. I thought it was a game changer. I used it everywhere, for any occasion, and was pretty quick to throw data into temporary tables for ease of querying later. I have since learned

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Part 1: Building Cloud-Scale Enterprise Apps – Our Take on Microsoft Service Fabric

Microsoft just changed everything about enterprise app development with their announcement that Service Fabric will be released as part of Windows Server 2016. For years, our enterprise customers have requested the features of commercial Software as a Service (SaaS) applications in their enterprise. They want fault tolerance, high availability, resilience, elasticity, and near-zero downtime.

Part 2: SharePoint 2013 Business Connectivity Services, Search and Profile Page Demo

Back to Part 1 Create the External Content Type External Content Types are similar to regular content types in that they contain several fields that make up that particular content type. The main difference is that these fields are mapped to columns in the SQL database in this case. We are only going to

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Part 1: SharePoint 2013 Business Connectivity Services, Search and Profile Page Demo

This topic will be separated into 3 posts. It will cover a demo with step by step instructions for SharePoint 2013 Business Connectivity Services, Search and Profile Pages. The second post will go over creating the external content types and creating the Business Data Connectivity Service. The third post will cover customizing search and

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