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Bringing Sharepoint to your Mobile Device

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SPtoGO brings SharePoint to your iPhone or Android device by providing a simple, intuitive way to navigate sites on the go. Download SPtoGO from the iTunes or Android app store and start adding sites without the need for server-side installation. 



  • Call, text, or email contacts with one-tap actions
  • Coordinate calendars and task lists
  • Upload pictures directly from phone to sites
  • Download documents for offline accessibility
  • Check-in/out documents from phone
  • Protect data with passcode prompts
  • Office 365 integration
  • Add unlimited sites
  • Print documents from phone wirelessly


  • Access SharePoint on the go
  • Use the familiar iPhone and Android user interfaces
  • Check-In documents quickly and easily 
  • Get started without system administrator involvement


Upcoming Features

  • Office 365 Support
  • Forms Authentication Support
  • Good Technologies Support
  • CAC Authentication 

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