Zoomph Celebrates the “Socialympics” with User-Centered Widgets


To herald the “Socialympics,” Zoomph — a social media engagements and analytics tool launched by MetroStar Systems, Inc. — has created free, unique social media widgets for fans around the world. Featured widgets include:

  • A heat map combining stats on countries’ Twitter activity with a tally of medals won
  • A noise-free stream of tweets from athletes, coaches and fans
  • Full-screen displays for broadcast on TVs, and online

Expected to be the most “social” Olympics in history, the “Socialympics” will be the first games with more than 900 million Facebook users and more than 500 million Twitter users posting tweets and comments (an exponential increase from 2008, when Facebook had only 100 million users and Twitter had about 3 million).

This unprecedented online social activity presents new ways for fans to experience and participate in the games. “It’s amazing how far the games have evolved. Social media adds a new dimension for the fans,” said Zoomph Founder Ali Reza Manouchehri. “The experience is no longer a spectator sport.”

This year’s games aren’t just about who’s winning the most gold medals; it’s whose fans are creating the most buzz online, and which athletes are dominating the field as well as the online social conversation. The world saw it with Euro2012 with 16.5 million tweets recorded for the final match.

Free widgets streaming the tweets of Olympiads and fans worldwide are available here.  Users can also privately curate tweets and Facebook posts to track particular athletes, events and conversations.