Web Analytics Engineer, Immanuel Lee featured in Business News Daily

analytics featureImmanuel Lee, Web Analytics Engineer at MetroStar Systems was featured in Business News Daily’s piece on predictive or prescriptive analytics. The piece discusses the main components of business analytics, and how you can turn descriptive metrics into insights and decisions.

“Predictive analytics forecasts what will happen in the future. Prescriptive analytics can help companies alter the future,” added Immanuel Lee, Web analytics engineer at MetroStar Systems, a provider of IT services and solutions.”They’re both necessary to improve decision-making and business outcomes.”

Also featured in the article was Thomas Mathew, Chief Product Officer of MetroStar’s sister company, Zoomph. “Prescriptive analytics builds on [predictive] by informing decision makers about different decision choices with their anticipated impact on a specific key performance indicators,” said Thomas Mathew, chief product officer at influencer engagement platform Zoomph. “Think of [traffic navigation app] Waze. Pick an origin and a destination — a multitude of factors get mashed together, and [it advises] you on different route choices, each with a predicted ETA. This is everyday prescriptive analytics at work.”

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