U.S. Cyber Command Officer to Lead Cyber Division for MetroStar Systems

Joseph "J" Kinder

MetroStar Systems, Inc. (MetroStar), the leading provider of IT, Web, and Creative solutions for the federal and commercial sectors has announced the appointment of Joseph “J” Kinder to the position of General Manager of Cyber Operations and Tactics.

“Cyber is an emerging and dynamic field with a continuously evolving and complex environment. I’m excited to have “J” drive that understanding and capabilities for our clients at MetroStar Systems,” said Ali Reza Manouchehri, Chief Executive Officer of MetroStar. “We have a long-term plan for developing solutions and training cyber operations. Our aim is to develop key processes and knowledge that will mediate interactions in real-time between defenders and adversaries, focused on social cognitive factors.”

“J” Kinder has 30 years of Federal service in the U.S. Navy. His capstone tours have immersed him in the evolving domain of Cyberspace operations, highlighted by leading the development dynamic mission assurance, risk assessment and targeting from deep within Cyberspace at U.S. Cyber Command and U.S. Fleet Cyber command. His experience as a mission oriented warfighter makes him well suited for the rapid-fire pace of modern-day network operations, defense, cyber-attack execution and planning.

“J” Kinder is responsible for MetroStar’s continued growth in the Cyberspace arena, and will join a team of cyber experts including Clay Calvert, Cybersecurity Director at MetroStar. “Having “J” on the team will enhance our cybersecurity services, and will continue to complement the overarching mission to secure and enhance the resilience of our clients’ cyber and physical infrastructure,” said Calvert. Together, they will continue to grow and expand MetroStar’s cyber capabilities around governance, advisory, technology, and education.

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