Cybersecurity Director, Clay Calvert discusses how a tech addiction will compromise your private life with CNBC

cyber imageClay Calvert, Director of Cybersecurity at MetroStar Systems was featured in CNBC’s article, 9 Ways Tech Addiction will Compromise Your Private Life. The article illustrates how email, human error, data breaches, and even Facebook likes can draw or elicit unwanted attention.

Clay said that privacy is also being threatened by an outdated attitude toward data. He said that it’s not enough just to protect a network, since a network can be infiltrated. When that happens, the data has to be better protected. Rights Management Services, which use encryption to limit access to sensitive data, is ideal for keeping private data safe.

The point is, it’s no longer enough to just protect the network; the data within the network has to be protected with the same level of vigilance. “We spend too much time on protecting the network but not the data,” Calvert said.

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