U.S. Census Bureau Enterprise Solutions Framework for Systems Engineering and Integration Project Tier

Contract # YA1323-15-BU-0041

The U.S. Census Bureau’s (USCB) Systems Engineering & Integration (SE&I) acquisition framework helps the USCB incorporate mature, agile, and flexible delivery systems, which are aligned to the goals and objective of the SE&I initiative.

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As part of this vehicle, MetroStar Systems supports the SE&I’s four primary goals:
    1. Mature IT Program/Project Solution Integration and Delivery
    2. Deliver Consistent SE&I Support
    3. Increase SE&I Skillsets
    4. Create a culture of sharing leading practices and innovations

This is a multiple small business BPA award with a performance period through September 2022.


  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Systems Engineering & Integration
  • Process Development & Management
  • Governance
  • Knowledge Transfer/Information Sharing
  • Collaboration and Electronic Workplace
  • Data Management Technology
  • Networking & Telecommunications
  • Platform and Storage Domain
  • Security Domain
  • Application Technology & Development
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience Design
  • Data Access and Visualization
  • Business Process Engineering
  • Service Oriented Architecture

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