United States Marine Corps (USMC)
Marine Corps Logistics Support Services (MCLOGSS)

Contract # M67004-13-D-0033

The Marine Corps Logistics Support Services (MCLOGSS) contract is an IDIQ. The mission is to provide enterprise wide non-personal services contracting solutions to meet the commands strategic Operational Level Logistics Mission. The Scope of Work provides Task Areas that describe services that may be required by Marine Corps Logistics Command Centers: Logistics Capabilities Center (LCC), Program Suppoert Center (PSC), Supply Management Center (SMC), Maintenance Management Center (MMC), Distribution Management Center (DMC), Logistics Operations Center (LOC) and staff elements. In addition, these services may be required in support of other Department of Defense (DoD) missions, as appropriate.

MetroStar Systems is prime to the Small Business 8(a) set-aside award Task Area 3.

Task Area 3: Information/Technology (IT) Support for Daily Operation of Logistic Systems/Requirements. Contractor will provide support to plan, design, provide, manage, operate and maintain reliable and efficient IT systems, equipment, facilities and logistics infrastructures; improve equipment and logistics performance; reduce life cycle costs for systems currently in place.

MetroStar Systems is a subcontractor to Large Business General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT).

The large business set-aside contract, includes the following task areas to provide logistics support and related services:

Task Area 1: Program Management Support

Task Area 2: Quality Assurance Support

Task Area 3: IT Logistics Systems Support (Small Business Set-Aside Task Area)

Task Area 4: IT Specialized Support

Task Area 5: Training Support

Task Area 6: Program Support

Task Area 7: Transportation / Supply Support

Task Area 8: Support to Centers and Departments for maintenance planning

Task Area 9: Maintenance Support

Task Area 10: Tech Data Development Support

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