U.S. Department of State

Digital Video Production


Coordinate digital outreach programs with American Embassies and institutions abroad to further ideas and views of importance to the U.S. Government.

CO.NX is a virtual public diplomacy team that connects foreign communities through virtual engagement. As a leader in the field of digital diplomacy, the team fosters the exchange of innovative ideas and creates engagement. The program leverages connective technologies to quickly create content, promote, and host large-scale virtual events with community leaders, opinion-makers, and subject experts. MetroStar supports CO.NX by providing the proper human capital to reach its potential and impact as many users with the right, inspiring content.


The MetroStar team was tasked with maximizing the efficiency and ensuring the smooth operation of the CO.NX webcast program on behalf of the State Department. Since taking on this program, MetroStar’s New Media, Video, and Digital Producers organize and schedule all events, in addition to coordinating the experts and special guests who make the CO.NX programs so informative. Our producers also manage and moderate the video webcasts that connect people and spark engagement from all over the world. Moreover, our video team provides extensive graphic design and video production support to heighten user experience, increase event attendance, and make messaging more powerful to potential contributors.


When it comes to organizing a successful digital strategy for leadership-based programs, consider the following qualifications for your team. Contact us for help with your next staff augmentation and digital consulting project.

  • Social Media community management experience and fluency in using a range of Social Networking platforms such as Facebook, Ning, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube
  • Ability to map out a marketing strategy and measure campaigns by iterating, learning, and capturing metrics
  • Experience with social media community management tools to listen, measure reach and depth, and find the right people to engage
  • Marketing experience and /or experience building communities of interest online
  • Verbal and written communication skills; ability to work as team player and individually on a project