American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association

Content Strategy & Website Design


Create multichannel content strategy and user experience that connects, inspires, and delivers key messages to the younger generation of military spouses.

Exceeding member experience is the #1 goal for the American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association (AAFMAA), the premier provider of insurance, financial, and survivor services to the American Armed Forces Community. Thus in order to increase membership and continue improving client support, AAFMAA needed to deliver relevant and inspiring content to its audience.

When you consider how much content is created and exposed on social media networks each day, it can become hard to make sure your message doesn’t sink amidst the clutter. That’s why AAFMAA needed to develop a messaging strategy that would provide relevant and inspiring content to military spouses through multiple media and communication channels—ultimately enhancing overall member experience.


The MetroStar Web and Digital Practice teams were tasked to assess the AAFMAA content and technology strategies, and then co-create a new solution for the organization to connect faster with a younger generation (which we identified through market research as a new customer segment). The result of the co-creation was, a content channel that connected military spouses and provided access to relevant information on careers, finances, parenting, and even lifestyle trends, amplifying AAFMAA’s brand amongst the military spouse community.

MetroStar conceptualized over many hours of open data research and analysis. We then designed and developed a multichannel content strategy and user experience that included a modern open source content management systems (CMS) powered by WordPress to provide informative, supportive, and inspiring content quickly and easily to its users. The SpouseLink project demonstrates how non-profits’ can create dynamic and cost-effective communication channels to better target new audience and increase memberships.

MetroStar continues to support the content owners; and assist AAFMAA’s digital editorial team curate and write content, work with exclusive authors, and manage the platform.


Below is a simple checklist to get you started on growing your membership. Contact us today to get help defining, designing, and developing your next strategy.

  • Get to know your members on social networks
  • Make sure microsite content strategy is aligned to global content strategy
  • Make your platform multimodal (i.e. work on both Mobile and Web)
  • Develop a plan to get members involved (committees and projects)
  • Develop social contests
  • Get local and regional media involved
  • Make everything you do "relevant" to your target audience